Thursday & Sunday Walk Guidelines

All members participate in these walks at their own risk. They should bring with them sufficient food and water and wear suitable clothing and footwear, and adequate first aid items for their own use. Stout boots must be worn on all mountain and moorland walks.

Leaders have the authority to refuse to take members who, in the leader’s opinion do not appear fit enough for the proposed route or are insufficiently equipped. Members are reminded that walk leaders cannot be responsible for ramblers who walk ahead of the group and beyond visual contact, or leave the group without informing the leader/backmarker.

More details of a walk may be obtained from the leader(s), whose phone numbers and email addresses are included on the members' version of the Walk Programme.

Dogs cannot be permitted.

Walks arrangements until further notice    

Members Booking: if you wish to join a walk, please contact the leader (preferably by email where email address supplied, or by phone) not more than one week before the walk; numbers on some walks may be restricted e.g., by parking capacity. If you intend to take your mobile phone with you on the walk, it improves the safety of the walk, if when you book you also give your mobile phone number.

Transport: where parking capacity is limited members are now encouraged to share cars (e.g.,3-4 passengers/car), where practical and only if they are comfortable with this. Leaders can advise on transport options and parking issues. Start of walk times may be adjusted nearer the walk date where parking is an issue.  When sharing cars, contributions towards fuel costs are suggested as £3/passenger on average, less on short rides or up to £5 for longest trips at driver’s discretion.

Non-members Booking: If you wish to join a walk, please contact the Secretary.


Grades Of Walks

A – A strenuous outing, mostly mountains, perhaps some scrambling. If easier terrain, it will be long.

B – Moderate for the reasonably fit, but usually visiting mountain tops.

C – Easy, mostly pastoral.

D – Easy, short.