Photo Gallery Guidelines

It is not possible to log into the gallery. So it is not possible to: leave comments, rate photographs or choose photographs as favourites. 

All the photographs can be seen by all who visit the gallery.

To return to the main website, when you are in the gallery, click the option MAIN WEBSITE from the menu on the left side of the window.

To see the photographs in the correct order. Select an album, e.g. Jul14-Dec15, then click the small triangle next to the word 'POSITION' on the right hand side of the page just above the first line of photographs.

***More detailed instructions here in a pdf file***

Members (only): If you are happy to do so please email me a few of your choice photographs taken of Club walks and activities for putting into the gallery. Please attach details of each photograph sent, e.g. when and where it was taken, the occasion and any details useful to accompany the photograph when in the gallery. Don't be modest about your photographs; don't hide your lamp under a bushel. If you want any help just email me.

Diolch. Hugh.