Spring / Summer Programme 2020


20th March 2020. All Club walks are suspended until further notice.

Dear Fellow Walker,

The Officers and Committee have considered in detail what the Government (both politicians and  scientific/medical advisers) say about the Coronavirus and how we should respond.

It seems social distancing is essential to slow the spread of the disease, thus making it more maneagable for the NHS and so saving lives.

The Ramblers on an UK level have suspended all of their walks, as indeed have Clwb Mynydda Cymru.

It appears that the Club have no option other than to do likewise. Accordingly all Club walks are suspended until further notice. We will review this continually but frankly I hold out little hope that matters will be resolved soon.

We are all disappointed  about this. A lot of work has gone into preparing a programme, many of us have carried out reccees, some in inclement weather and obviously we had all probably started to look forward to getting out with friends in some nice Spring weather.

Sadly also, in the light of the guidelines about restaraunts etc we have had to abandon plans for the Spring Lunch.

But bear in mind what the Ramblers’ website says about Independent walking

“Walking independently

Official Government advice states that, apart from people who are in households with symptoms or who have pre-existing health conditions that put them at increased risk of contracting COVID-19, going for a walk independently can continue and is an excellent way to maintain health and wellbeing - provided independent walkers stay more than two metres from others.  Please see Public Health England’s guidelines on social distancing.

For anyone walking in more remote areas, we continue to ask them to stay well within their limits, to avoid any need to call on mountain rescue or other emergency services.  “

 But most of all keep well and we hope to be walking together again sooner rather than later

Gwynfor Jones. Club Chairman.