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6.Mynydd Cennin15 views13/6/21. Just south of Hendre Cennin on Lon Goed.Jun 16, 2021
5.Mynydd Cennin16 views13/6/21. The top of Mynydd Cennin and lunch.Jun 16, 2021
4.Mynydd Cennin17 views13/6/21. A little wall is not going to get between me and my lunch! Our chairman is giving points for technique and style.Jun 16, 2021
3.Mynydd Cennin16 views13/6/21. At the top of Y Foel about to settle down for mid-morning refreshments.Jun 16, 2021
2.Mynydd Cennin16 views13/6/21. Cattle taking an interest as we pass.Jun 16, 2021
1.Mynydd Cennin14 views13/6/21. At the start at Bryncir Station on Lon Eifion.Jun 16, 2021
1.Porth Ysgo - Penarfynydd17 views10/6/21. In the car park before descending down to Porth Ysgo. Thanks to the mist, no lovely views. Photo: Noel Davey.Jun 14, 2021
5.Porth Ysgo - Penarfynydd14 views10/6/21. The church at Llanfaelrhys. Photo: Judith Thomas.Jun 14, 2021
4.Porth Ysgo - Penarfynydd13 views10/6/21. The trig point at Penarfynydd. Photo: Judith Thomas.Jun 14, 2021
2.Porth Ysgo - Penarfynydd13 views10/6/21. Down in Porth Ysgo. Photo: Judith Thomas.Jun 14, 2021
3.Porth Ysgo - Penarfynydd13 views10/6/21. No body has told the goats about 'social distancing' Photo: Judith Thomas.Jun 14, 2021
3.Porthmadog-Penmorfa-Black Rock circular13 views6/6/21. On the narrow farm road from Farm Yard, close to the A498 which runs into Tremadog. A small old disused stone bridge can be seen to the right of the left most person. Photo: Judith Thomas.Jun 13, 2021
2,Porthmadog-Penmorfa-Black Rock circular12 views6/6/21. Ynys Towyn. Afon Glaslyn on the north side of the Cob at the point that the Ffestiniog Railway station is on the south side. Photo: Judith Thomas.Jun 13, 2021
7.Porthmadog-Penmorfa-Black Rock circular13 views6/6/21. Taking the footpath from Morfa Bychan to Ty'n-y-mynydd. Rather over grown and wet and muddy in places.Jun 13, 2021
6.Porthmadog-Penmorfa-Black Rock circular13 views6/6/21. Off Black Rock Sands after 1.8 miles. One of us has found a comfortable seat!Jun 13, 2021
5.Porthmadog-Penmorfa-Black Rock circular13 views6/6/21. Following the road down onto Black Rock Sands. A very busy vehicular road which appears to be a short cut to Morfa Bychan.Jun 13, 2021
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