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6.Bwlch yr Eifl From Trefor469 views8/1/2012. Ian (left) meets up with Baldtec (on Ian's left), an old walking companion, at the end of the walk.
5.Bwlch yr Eifl From Trefor183 views8/1/2012. Gyrn Ddu and Gyrn Goch in the background as we make our final descent back towards Trefor.
4.Bwlch yr Eifl From Trefor139 views8/1/2012. Lunch in a sheep fold on the side of Tre'r Ceiri overlooking the Llithfaen to Llanaelhaearn road.
3.Bwlch yr Eifl From Trefor129 views8/1/2012. We descend out of cloud on Tre'r Ceiri as we approach our picnic site.
2.Bwlch yr Eifl From Trefor121 viewsUp into the cloud and drizzle. Only talking and walking now.
1.Bwlch yr Eifl From Trefor134 views8/1/2012. Leaving Trefor after passing the Clynnog and Trefor bus company premises.
7.Beddgelert.149 views22/01/12. Following the Afon Glaslyn down from Llyn Dinas towards Beddgelert near Coed Cae Ddu.
6.Beddgelert.167 views22/01/12. Last style negotiated, at the end of the final descent, alongside Llyn Dinas. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
5.Beddgelert.154 views22/01/12. On the path running east to west from Blaen Nanmor to Llyn Dinas. Rhian joins the main party after researching the properties of the local mud.
4.Beddgelert.155 views22/01/12. Coming down from Bryn Du through Aberglaslyn Woods to Pont Aberglaslyn.
3.Beddgelert.167 views22/01/12. A tea break at the top of Bryn Du. Quite a chilly breeze being experienced.
2.Beddgelert.156 views22/01/12. Walking up to Bryn Du from Beddgelert with the Aberglaslyn Pass to the right.
1.Beddgelert.161 views22/01/12. A brief briefing from Kath before setting off from Beddgelert.
13.Winter Dinner. Porthmadog Golf Club.195 views26/01/12. A good time was had by all. Photo: Ann & Nick White.
12.Winter Dinner. Porthmadog Golf Club.180 views26/01/12. A good time was had by all. Photo: Ann & Nick White.
11.Winter Dinner. Porthmadog Golf Club.185 views26/01/12. A good time was had by all. Photo: Ann & Nick White.
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