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6.Moel Ddu67 views12/3/17. We have an impromptu teabreak at the disused Gorseddau Quarry. Quality yakking time. The cloud has lifted agaain. Photo. Dafydd Williams.
5.Moel Ddu70 views12/3/17. On our way down Moel-ddu out of the wind, the cloud lifts for a short time. There is scenery. Brilliant. The disused Gorseddau Quarry can be seen in the background. Photo: Judith Thomas.
4.Moel Ddu71 views12/3/17. On top of the northern peak of Moel-ddu. We didn't have to do this peak but nobody was goiing to stop up even with lunch waiting for us below. Wind chill 0 deg C. Photo: Heather Stanton.
3.Moel Ddu64 views12/3/17. Close to the southern peak of Moel-ddu. No improvement in the weather.
2.Moel Ddu67 views12/3/17. Well into the cloud after just under a mile. Close to Ynys Wen as we make our way up to Moel-ddu. Photo: Heather Stanton.
1.Moel Ddu68 views12/3/17. Ready for off at the car park at Cwm Ystradllyn. Itlooks a bit misty and wet. We are thinking whether we have made the right decision in coming on the walk.
7.Dolwyddelan73 views16/3/17. Plas Hall Hotel Café. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
6.Dolwyddelan72 views16/3/17. No evidence of any cake eating visible. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
5.Dolwyddelan74 views16/3/17. Plas Hall Hotel Café. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
4.Dolwyddelan71 views16/3/17. The Plas Hall Hotel Café provides a very welcome watering hole, exactly one month after our last visit. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
3.Dolwyddelan69 views16/3/17. Exactly half of the 24 walkers in view. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
2.Dolwyddelan68 views16/3/17. Sauntering along. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
1.Dolwyddelan81 views16/3/17. Somebody has had one too many Weetabixes. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
9.Mynydd Mawr.62 views26/3/17. Approaching Nantlle. Then it will be Dorothea quarry and finally Talysarn.
8.Mynydd Mawr.63 views26/3/17. Looking down on Llyn Nantlle Uchaf close to our final destination. The Rivals in the distance.
7.Mynydd Mawr.63 views26/3/17 Lto R: Tryfan, Moel Cynhorion(?), Snowdon. Fantastic scenery. Photo: Judith Thomas.
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