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6.Dolgellau183 views5/1/14. Just beyond Llyn Gwernan, looking north towards Foel Isbri and Mynydd Foel Uchaf which were catching the evening sun.
6.Winter Dinner168 views16/1/14. A good meal was had by all. Photo: Ann White.
4.Winter Dinner160 views16/1/14. A good meal was had by all. Photo: Ann White.
8.Winter Dinner160 views16/1/14. The ladies vainly try and change Alan's decision. "It is definitely the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Klomp". Photo: Ann White.
5.Winter Dinner159 views16/1/14. A good meal was had by all. Photo: Ann White.
7.Winter Dinner157 views16/1/14. Deep thought by our Secretary and his team. Photo: Ann White.16/1/14.
13.Winter Dinner157 views16/1/14. The BBC's Brains Trust. The Brains Trust 1948 - Robert Boothby M.P, Dr C.E.M. Joad, Gilbert Harding (question master) and Dr. J. Bronowski. Photo: BBC. Similarities with the previous photograph!
1.Dolgellau155 views5/1/14. One mile out we turn west. The weather isn't as bad as the forecast promised.
10.Winter Dinner155 views16/1/14. Obviously a difficult question. See how the team members have all put their drinks down so that they can concentrate. Photo: Ann White.
12.Winter Dinner154 views16/1/14. Deja vu maybe but no microphone. Photo: Ann White.
11.Winter Dinner151 views16/1/14. Nobody is getting flustered in this team. Photo: Ann White.
1.Rhiw inc archaeological site.150 views26/07/14. Introductions by the Austrian archaeologist Caption & Photo: Dafydd Williams.
9.Winter Dinner143 views16/1/14. With four extra members, this team is going all out for a win. Photo: Ann White.
4.Dolgellau129 views5/1/14. 45 minutes and 1.6 miles later we are having lunch 75 yards the other side of the flood where we had to turn back. A lovely picnic spot next to a stream.
2.Dolgellau124 views5/1/14. Just 2.2 miles out, next to Penmaenpool Bridge a welcome comfort stop.
3.Winter Dinner120 views16/1/14. A good meal was had by all. Photo: Ann White.
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