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7.Cilan - Machroes34 views2/7/23. Approaching Machroes with St Tudwal's Island West in the background.
6.Cilan - Machroes34 views2/7/23. Photo taken during lunch from close to our picnic spot. St Tudwal's Island West in the background. Photo: Gwynfor Jones.
5.Cilan - Machroes35 views2/7/23. The group photograph taken on Trwyn y Wylfa, with Porth Ceiriad in the background.
4.Cilan - Machroes32 views2/7/23. At Trwyn Llech-y-doll with a lot of interesting geology to be seen on this west side of Porth Ceiriad, but not the burial chamber which is meant to be close by.
3.Cilan - Machroes34 views2/7/23. Climbing up on the east side of Hell's Mouth on the Wales Coast Path with Hell's Mouth behind us.
2.Cilan - Machroes31 views2/7/23. On to Trwyn Cilan, looking back the way we have come.
1.Cilan - Machroes34 views2/7/23. Setting off along the Hell's Mouth dunes.
9. Tyrrau Mawr27 views19/05/24. Nearly at the end of the ridge, walking alongside a forestry plantation near Braich Ddu.
8. Tyrrau Mawr19 views19/05/24. A better view of the scenery to the north of our lunch site. The Mawddach Estuary, Barmouth and Tremadog Bay.
7. Tyrrau Mawr21 views19/05/24. Lunch at last, near Craig-y-llyn, overlooking on the north side (out of sight in the background) the Mawddach Estuary and Barmouth.
6. Tyrrau Mawr21 views19/05/24. On our way down Tyrrau Mawr towards a nameless peak to be followed after which was lunch.
5. Tyrrau Mawr21 views19/05/24. The Pony Path reached, it was time for a brief stop.
4. Tyrrau Mawr22 views19/05/24. Leaving our morning panad site to start the slog up to the Pony Path.
3. Tyrrau Mawr22 views19/05/24. Finally we get to the road. The best is yet to come.
2. Tyrrau Mawr25 views19/05/24. The two lakes and a style behind us we continue towards the road leading to the Pony Path.
1. Tyrrau Mawr24 views19/05/24. At the NT car park next to Llynnau Cregennan.
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