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3.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk2 views21/11/21. Coffee/tea break on the shores of Llyn Cynwch. Photo: Dafydd Williams.Nov 24, 2021
7.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk3 views21/11/21. Walking down towards the road with the remains of Cymer Abbey to our right and an iron age settlement to our left. Just a mile left until we reach the car park. The end of a brilliant day.Nov 24, 2021
6.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk2 views21/11/21. Part of the Precipice walk which runs above the A470, which is down to the right.Nov 24, 2021
5.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk3 views21/11/21. The summit of Foel Offrwm (The Hill of Sacrifice). Somewhere on it are the remains of an iron age hill fort.Nov 24, 2021
4.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk2 views21/11/21. The second part of the ascent of Foel Offrwm. A small party is left at Base Camp 1 while the rest climb the remaining 340ft to the summit.Nov 24, 2021
1.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk2 views21/11/21. Starting off from the Cymer car park near the old Llanelltyd Bridge.Nov 24, 2021
2.Foel Offrwn & Precipice walk1 views21/11/21. Climbing nearly over for the time being as we approach Llyn Cynwch (reservoir). Nov 24, 2021
7.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular3 views18/11/21. Nearly the end of the excellent walk we gather in front of the flaming urn statue which commemorates the restoration of Plas Brondanw after it was badly damaged by fire in 1951 . There is normally a waterfall behind and below it, but there was no water running. Photo: Dafydd Williams.Nov 23, 2021
6.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular3 views18/11/21. Within the grounds of Plas Bondanw, Folly Castle. Two members on look out. Photo: Dafydd Williams.Nov 23, 2021
5.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular4 views18/11/21. Lunch over and a substantial style ahead. Moel Dinas with its ancient fort is up to our left. Nov 23, 2021
3.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular2 views18/11/21. Not far beyond Ty'n-ddol. Our coffee/tea break behind us.Nov 23, 2021
4.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular2 views18/11/21. A brief stop close to Tyddyn Gwyn. Nov 23, 2021
1.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular2 views18/11/21. The start of our walk; the Brondanw Arm car park.Nov 23, 2021
2.Garreg Llanfrothen Circular2 views18/11/21. Making our way along the A4085 in the direction of the Brondanw Gardens past which our walk will take us.Nov 23, 2021
7.Rhyd Circular5 views14/11/21. Looking down from the top of the ridge over Afon Dwyryd its estuary, Portmeirion and Tremadog Bay. Photo: Gwynfor Jones.Nov 22, 2021
5.Rhyd Circular4 views14/11/21. A bit further on from our lunch spot. Photo: Dafydd Williams.Nov 16, 2021
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