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8.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes31 views6/5/18. Finally journey's end at the Cross Foxes (Bar & Grill Rooms).
7.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes33 views6/5/18. The final bit of the walk. Probably the remains of part of the old Corris to Cross Foxes stage coach road. Probably stopped being used in the 1920's. see the old maps on the following website:
6.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes31 views6/5/18. Overlooking the A487 going towards Cross Foxes. The scene of the road accident. Y Foel being climbed by the B group is on the right, seemingly at the end of the road.
5.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes32 views6/5/18. On top of Waun-oer for lunch. Photo: Anet Thomas.
4.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes30 views6/5/18. Looking down into Cwm Cerist and the A470 towards Dinas Mawddwy. Photo: Anet Thomas.
3.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes29 views6/5/18. A the top of the ridge at Cribin Fach. Looking down into one of the disused Cloddfa Gwanas quarry pits.
2.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes25 views6/5/18. Out of the woods and close to Cloddfa Gwanas (Disused).
1.Dyfi Hills - Cross Foxes26 views6/5/18. All kitted up and ready to go; from the layby close to Cross Foxes.
3.Tabor - Y Foel36 views6/5/18. Decending Y Foel. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
2.Tabor - Y Foel30 views6/5/18. Into the welcoming shade of the Torrent Walk path. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
1.Tabor - Y Foel31 views6/5/18. The B group on the Quaker Trail. Must be close to where Theresa May reluctantly decided to call a snap general election. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
7.Bethania - Cwm Llan30 views10/5/18. Crossing a rather precarious stone slab bridge over the river above Hafod y Llan. Who said the C walks were a doddle? Photo: Dafydd Williams.
6.Bethania - Cwm Llan32 views10/5/18. Having done a U-turn and ascending on the old wagon rail we re-joined the Watkin path down a rather tricky path. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
5.Bethania - Cwm Llan34 views10/5/18. Or not quite so close. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
4.Bethania - Cwm Llan33 views10/5/18. Lunch next to the Gladstone Rock. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
3.Bethania - Cwm Llan35 views10/5/18. Lunch next to the Gladstone Rock. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
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