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45.Exmoor Spring Holiday24 views18/4/18. At the cafe at the top of the funicular railway at Lynmouth. Photo: Carol Eden.
44.Exmoor Spring Holiday27 views18/4/18. From above the Valley of the Rocks looking down on Lee Abbey and our lunchtime picnic spot on the beach beyond. Photo: Hugh Evans.
43.Exmoor Spring Holiday29 views18/4/18. Castle Rock and the sea beyond. Valley of the Rocks on our left. Photo: Hugh Evans.
42.Exmoor Spring Holiday29 views18/4/18. A coffee break and a bit of a relax at Hillford Bridge. Photo: Judith Thomas.
41.Exmoor Spring Holiday24 views18/4/18. Close to Hillford Bridge and a morning break. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
40.Exmoor Spring Holiday25 views18/4/18. The funicular railway at Lynmouth which we took advantage of to saveour legs. there was also a cafe quite close. Photo: Hugh Evans.
39.Exmoor Spring Holiday26 views18/4/18. The bridge at Lynmouth. Photo: Hugh Evans.
38.Exmoor Spring Holiday25 views17/4/18. Dancing in full swing. The dance appears to be going well. Photo: Nick White.
37.Exmoor Spring Holiday25 views17/4/18. Our lady in charge doing sterling work with a difficult group! Photo: Dafydd Williams.
36.Exmoor Spring Holiday25 views17/4/18. The Dawnsio Gwerin; a very popular evening activity. Photo: Carol Eden.
35.Exmoor Spring Holiday26 views17/4/18. Walking alongside Horner Water with towards the end of the walk. Spirits still high. Photo: Nick White.
34.Exmoor Spring Holiday26 views17/4/18. Our crossing on the stream Horner Water. Photo: Nick White.
33.Exmoor Spring Holiday26 views17/4/18. Conditions still pretty awful on the way down from the beacon. Photo: Hugh Evans.
32.Exmoor Spring Holiday26 views17/4/18. The second of our groups to reach the beacon pose for a photo in the lee of the beacon before having morning break. Photo: Dafydd Williams.
31.Exmoor Spring Holiday27 views17/4/18. Soon followed by the rest of the group battling high winds and very damp conditions, Photo: Hugh Evans.
30.Exmoor Spring Holiday27 views17/4/18. The first ones to reach Dunkery Beacon. Photo: Hugh Evans.
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